As an entrepreneur, you get used to being in control, handling all aspects of your business and doing everything yourself.

Not only can it be personally difficult to hand over control and tasks to someone else, but it also takes time, financial investment and a different type of management on your part.

How do you know when to take that next step and know that investing in extra help will pay off?

While many people think they have to handle it all, or can’t afford to add someone else to the payroll, when used correctly, a virtual assistant should help you get more done in less time while allowing you to focus on the heart and soul of your business.

Perhaps you’re looking at a particularly busy quarter and need an extra pair of hands to manage email and inquiries, or need help conduct research for a specific project.

A VA should only help ease your workload and make you more productive, not add extra stress or financial constraints.

Hiring a VA is nothing new, however if you haven’t yet taken the leap – we are guessing you may still have some doubts as to when the right time is for you and your business to bring on extra help. Hopefully the following tips will help:

1. You’re getting bogged down by administrative tasks

Email, invoicing, scheduling, making travel arrangements, following up on payments, figuring out what new phone plan to get – as the head of your company, you shouldn’t be spending your time on these types of administrative tasks.

Though they’re often simple, they also tend to suck up more time than expected and, while necessary for business, aren’t tasks that will really drive your company forward.

If you find yourself spending more time on day-to-day minutia than working strategically for your business, you’ll never be able to get ahead – hire a VA to take care of those responsibilities instead!

2. Your business is growing

Of course you want your business to grow but, when things really start to pick up, it also means you’ll need to revaluate how you operate and make sure you and your team are working proactively and efficiently.

For many startups, once momentum builds and money is coming in, it’s a great time to hire extra help that’s responsible for business-related admin tasks.

3. You’re overwhelmed by work that doesn’t move the needle

Depending on your business this could mean spending your time answering customer queries, fielding media requests, trying to manage social media accounts or simply digging through your inbox.

Whatever it is, you shouldn’t lose precious working time to activities that aren’t directly bringing in money and taking your business to the next level.

By hiring a VA, you’ll be able to allocate tasks that shouldn’t be your priority, and focus more on strategic planning, building products and bringing in revenue.

4. Things are starting to fall through the cracks

If you’re catching yourself making little mistakes such as forgetting appointments, making more spelling and grammatical errors, or messing up scheduling, it’s probably time to get some extra hands.

Entrepreneurs can juggle – a lot – but when things start slipping and minor errors become more common, it’s a call for help.

5. You’re feeling resentful

While there will always be tasks you don’t enjoy doing, if you find yourself becoming resentful or angry for certain responsibilities, you shouldn’t be doing them.

Hiring a VA will help free up your time to get back to what you do best and devote your efforts to the parts of your business you love.

If you can’t stand doing a task, or it takes you more time than it should, passing it off to someone else will make your job more manageable and more enjoyable.