Sebastian Serrano is the Co-Founder of BitPagos, a payment gateway that supports bitcoin and focuses on the Latin American market.

1. First of all, can you tell us a little about your role and what you do at BitPagos?

I am Co-Founder and CEO of BitPagos, a company that processes international and Bitcoin payments from Latin America and all over the world. I also have the same position at Ripio, our local Bitcoin wallet.

I’m originally a developer but as CEO I also work 24-7 in general management, product development and fundraising.

2. Can you tell us a little about your go to market strategy, current growth/marketing channels are working for you right now?

I’m sure that we can have a huge impact in the developing world’s economies. That’s why we’ve focused our business in countries with high levels of inflation, underdeveloped payments infrastructure and low levels of banking access.

We like to push our marketing strategy through several channels; the major ones are PR, referrals and our growing sales team.

3. What is the biggest mistake you have made with BitPagos so far that other founders can learn from?

Working with Bitcoin technology, we were quite worried during our first months about the possibility of being restricted or shut down by our banks, payment processors, governments, you name it.

This concern made us work hard on being overly cautious and somewhat redundant at first.

4. Let’s talk you… what apps, blogs, and tools can’t you live without?

Slack to keep our team communicated, Wunderlist to keep my tasks and daily routine on sight, Intercom to keep our clients up-to-date, Mixpanel and New Relic to analyze our business day-by-day numbers and goals.

5. What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

I don’t believe in shortcuts or life hacks. I do avoid working on urgent and last-minute things and always try to focus on what’s important.

People naturally overestimate short-term achievements and underestimate long-term projects, which are the ones that truly matter.

6. What resource have you watched/read/listened to that’s had the biggest impact on your business/life so far this year, and why?

Zero to One”, an amazing read by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.