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Test Your Startup Idea: A List That Took Me 8 Years To Develop
From identifying customers to market size, this list by Dave Nevogt at Hubstaff is a must-read for anyone in the process of launching a new startup.

How Much Does Design Matter for Seed-Stage Startups?
Jay Acunzo at Next View Ventures shares why “good design conveys that you’re serious about creating a premium-level company”.

On Product/Market Fit For Startups
Marc Andreessen explains why market is the most important factor for startup success or failure.

What Do You Do After An Investor Says Yes?
Ash Rust at SendHub has published a great flowchart on what you should do after an investor has verbally agreed to invest.

I’ve Changed My Mind About Responsive Design
Mat Yurow at the NYT believes we could all be doing a better job at developing better mobile web experiences. I agree.

The Story Of A Product Built Entirely In Public
A really interesting and in-depth analyse on how the team at Assembly built Helpful in public.

Doing Things Different
Alex Capecelatro at Yeti lists 11 things he would do differently next time he starts a startup. Great points listed.

Dropbox’s Head of Design on the Dawn of Personalized Products
The team at FirstRound chats with Soleio Cuervo (who created the “Like” button at Facebook and who now heads up design at Dropbox) on product personalization.


Benefits Sell
A great reminder “people don’t want to purchase a bed; what they want is a good night’s sleep”, from the team at HelpScout.

What Does an SEO Do In Their Day-to-Day Work
Rand Fishkin from Moz clarifies the day-to-day work of a good SEO professional.

How to Consistently Hire Remarkable Data Scientists
Jeremy Stanley at Sailthru shares the processes he uses for recruiting data science talent.

15 Google Analytics Tips to Speed Up Your Website Data Analysis & Optimization
An excellent round-up of tips from the team at KissMetrics.

How Long Should It Take to build a MVP?
Eric Bieller at Speak outlines the different types of MVP’s and reminds us why we should start small.

Mobile App Optimization for User Acquisition, Activation, and Retention
In-depth slides on app optimization from Sean Oliver at Optimizely.

The 5 Key People In A SaaS Sales Process
Tom Tunguz at Redpoint shares how sales teams can map out relationships with key players in the sales process.

10 Effective Growth Hacks To Increase Your SaaS Revenue
Thomas Shranz at Blossom shares 10 great tips on growth.

Interesting reads:

The Top 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet
Asia and Europe dominate.

Inventing Favicon.ico
A light interesting read on the background story of the favicon.ico

Factory Worker Turned Apple Supplier Now China’s Richest Woman
$8 billion made from the touchscreen glass.

From the blog:

50 New York Based Startups Worth Getting To Know
Some really interesting startups coming out of New York right now.