Welcome to Founders Weekly, a selection of the best content focused on startups and growth hacking we’ve read this week.


Pioneering tech blog Gigaom shuts down after running out of money; Apart from Apple launching new goodies, the biggest news in the tech world this week was GigaOm shutting down.

Why This Tech Bubble is Worse Than the Tech Bubble of 2000; A must-read piece by Mark Cuban covering why there is no liquidity in tech investments.

A Founder’s Guide to M&A; 90% of tech exits in the last 5 years are via an acquisition. Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital shares an in-depth piece for founders.

Trends In The Startup Acquihire Market; Keeping on M&A, Tomasz Tunguz at Redpoint Ventures uses CrunchBase data to look at acquihires in US tech companies.

Grabbing a seat on a rocket ship; Kyle Tibbitts writes about his decision to join startup HotelTonight.

Finding an Investor Who is in Love with You; Mark Suster explains what to look for in an investor.

Fundraising Mistakes Founders Make; A year old but still relevant – Sam Altman of Y Combinator explains the major fundraising mistakes founders make when raising funding.


Lessons from Launching a Data Product; A great essay on how the folks at SocialRank designed and launched their product.

Here’s the roadmap you need to create for your startup; Jason Calacanis share’s his roadmap for Inside you can also use.

Infographic: How Often Should You Post on Social Media? Buffer shares research and tips.

Etsy vs. Shopify; Miles Grimshaw from Thrive Capital compares Etsy vs. Shopify’s year-over-year GMV growth.

How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week; Harry’s founder explains the pre-launch strategy they used.

Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing; Andrew Chen uses the Airbnb story to explain how growth hacking is changing the way startups get users.

8 SaaS Content Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making in 2015; Gregory Ciotti, content strategist at HelpScout, offers some great content marketing advice for SaaS startups.

The surprising Secret About SME’s Churn; Armando Biondi, founder of Adespresso talks about SaaS churn.

5 Things We Learned From Analyzing 100+ Million Emails; The Vero team analyzed data from the millions of emails sent from their service and discovered some interesting insights.

Getting Sales Right; A great a16z podcast episode with Peter Levine and Dan Shapero covering sales efforts.