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Tech News

Uber debuts Movement, a website offering access to its traffic data
The ride-hailing company’s new Movement website will offer up access to its data around traffic flow in scores where it operates, intended for use by city planners and researchers looking into ways to improve urban mobility.

How blockchain is impacting clean energy
A great overview of startups that are developing projects that integrate blockchain and solar energy. Their ideas range from developing alt-coins for trading and incentivizing power production to using smart contracts for administering energy transactions.

Amazon is now bigger than most brick and mortar retailers put together
What has more value: all major publicly traded department stores in the United States, or Amazon? Amazon takes the cake, and its no contest.

Apple commemorates 10 year iPhone anniversary, Tim Cook says ‘the best is yet to come’
A decade ago Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPhone and Apple today has shared a look back at just how revolutionary the device has been.


How to ask good questions
A great read from Julia Evans on becoming good at asking questions (with a technical focus but there’s points that can be applied to non-technical folks): “Being able to stop someone and say “hey, what does that mean?” is a super important skill. I think of it as being one of the properties of a confident engineer and an awesome thing to grow into.”

Steps you can take to start protecting your privacy online
From installing ad blockers to configuring your browser and social media settings, here’s Tom Moor’s great list of ways you can use to help protect yourself online.

Jason Lemkin: it takes 24 month commitment to build a SaaS startup
Jason Lemkin of SaaStr outlines a great framework for those considering starting a SaaS company: “First, are you prepared to give it a full 24 month commitment to hit Initial Traction? Not 12. Not 18. But — 24? 6 months isn’t enough. 12 isn’t. It’s going to take you 9-12 months just to get the product right. And another 6-12 to get any material revenues.”

Issue 12 of The Journal – Kevin Rose’s excellent newsletter, is now available to read online
If you are unfamiliar with Kevin Rose’s newsletter, it’s defo one to check out. In issue 12 Kevin coverers his new fasting app, the documentary Minimalism, 11 beautiful Japanese words that don’t exist in english, and more.


Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?

Micro-dosing: The Drug Habit Your Boss Is Gonna Love