Apple confirms $1 billion investment in SoftBank tech fund
Along with Apple’s billion, SoftBank has said it is investing at least $25 billion in the fund and has been in talks with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund for an investment that could be as much as $45 billion.

Venture Data: A review of VC in Europe & Israel in 2016
61 slides of data on VC investment trends in Europe and Israel in 2016 from Gil Dibner.

Renewing Medium’s focus
Ev Williams at Medium says they are laying off 50 employees, about a third of its work force, and will close its NY and DC offices as it refocuses on a “less proven” means to pay writers.

2017 State of the Blogging Industry Report
The folks at ConvertKit take an in-depth look at it means to be a blogger in 2017 basedon feedback from over 850 blogggers.

How I decked out my startup’s office for under $6k
A great read on how to kit out an office on the cheap from Drew Wilson at Plasso.

Sweden reveals results from pilot of 30-hour work week
Swedes looking forward to a six-hour workday just got some bad news: the costs outweigh the benefits.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule
A good read on how top business leaders often spend five hours per week doing deliberate learning.


Learn How To Use A DSLR Camera, With This Nifty Web Tool

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