FG Newsletter #338

28. March 2017


Inside the Model Plane Shop Where NASA Flies the Future
A great short video looking into Nasa’s lab where model builders construct and test a range of planes, gliders, and drones.

The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase
How pricing on Amazon works from Christopher Mims: “It’s like a stock market, complete with day traders, code-slinging quants, artificial intelligence algorithms and, yes, flash crashes.”

Boom lands $33 million to test supersonic aircraft
Startup Boom Aerospace, which aims to revive supersonic airline travel, announced a new round of funding that will allow it to test its technology.


Planning is Guessing
I love Jason Fried’s thinking here: “A plan is simply a guess you wrote down”

Board Feedback
Fred Wilson on CEO’s producing meaningful feedback from Board meetings using various different techniques. A great read if you run board meetings.

The Making Of Carrd
Caard is a collection of one-page website templates anyone can use for free. It’s a great resource, and I’m happy the creator has published an in-depth guide covering everything from idea to launch.


From the blog: 10 Exciting Tech Startups Rockin’ the Music Industry in 2017

Interesting: Bill Gates: How well are you investing your time this week?

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