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Don’t Congratulate Me For Writing A Check
Steve Schlafman at RRE Ventures reminds us that “the magic in business isn’t raising money but making money”, as quoted by Mark Cuban.

A Counterintuitive System for Startup Compensation
An in-depth guide from FirstRound on how Facebook compensates their employees.

The Main Reason Startups Don’t Last
Solid wisdom from Nathan Resnick, founder of YesManWatches, on why the main reason businesses don’t last is because they fail to innovate.

Singapore Rising: The Plot to Be the Next Big Tech Hub
A great read on the Singapore startup scene by Liz Gannes at Re/code.

This is where the Cambodian startup ecosystem is in 2015
Keeping with emerging startup ecosystems in Asia, Tech in Asia has a great read on what’s happening in Cambodia.

How to Raise Money through AngelList Syndicates
A video presentation recorded at Boulder Startup Week with Ramen’s CEO, Ryan Angilly, discussing his journey raising money through AngelList Syndicates.


How to Lose Money on Paid Marketing
A great guide from Jamie Quint on paid marketing covering the different attribution models needed for calculating customer acquisition costs.

Copywriting is interface design
Thomas Byttebier provides us a great reminder that copywriting is an often overlooked (but vital) aspect of UI design.

What would we do if we had an answer to that question?
Great wisdom from Cindy Alvarez on challenging questions before we start asking them.

Podcast is the New Blog
500 Startups expresses their take on tapping into this under leveraged distribution channel.

SaaS Pricing: Our Big Free Plan Mistake
An interesting perspective from Hubstaff on how free plans are not always a competitive advantage for SaaS startups.

Resources on Product Design
From copywriting to development to interaction design, Pedro Carmo has put together an impressive list of resources focused on product design.


How DuckDuckGo rode a wave of post-Snowden anxiety to massive growth
Fast Company’s John Paul Titlow reports on DuckDuckGo’s growth two years after the NSA surveillance story broke.

Ten Years of Automattic
10 years in open source. And successful. A remarkable feat for Matt and the Automattic team.

How Has Product Hunt Become Such a Critical Startup Website?
A good video conversation with Mark Suster and Product Hunt’s founder Ryan Hoover discussing product, funding and more.

UI Design Dos and Don’ts
A guide published by Apple. A useful read for designers and non-designers alike.

A Proportional Visualization of the World’s Most Popular Languages
There are at least 7102 known languages alive in the world today. See the top 23 visualised here.

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.