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How Mentor Updates Saved My Company
Claus Moberg, cofounder at SnowShoe and a 1st-time entrepreneur, explains why a mentor list can save startups during Hail Mary moments.

Why investors don’t fund dating
Andrew Chen demonstrates the challenges of the dating-startup segment with an in-depth breakdown that includes visualizations and the all-important numbers.

Learning Entrepreneurial Hustle
Blackboard’s VP of Design explains how he teaches Millenials the “power of action over contemplation” so that they can overcome their sense of helplessness. Inspiring reading.

Google Design
In light of Google I/O last this week, Google released a great design page filled with resources and articles on design.

Internet Trends 2015
Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins explains why businesses need to consider chat apps, mobile video, and user-generated content in her 2015 annual Internet trends report.

Why I won’t run another startup
After closing Paperight in Dec. 2014, founder Arthur Attwell is ready to do things differently and shares his 5 new startup rules, including why he won’t use the word “startup” again.

The Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know by Heart
MergeLane cofounder Elizabeth Kraus helps entrepreneurs prepare for investor meetings with a comprehensive list of metrics that startup founders need to know.

The Biggest Struggle For Any New SaaS
By using the experience from his Nusii startup, founder Nathan Powell educates other entrepreneurs about why site traffic is the #1 priority in SaaS.


How to go faster
In this quick read from marketing superstar Seth Godin, find out how to use “decision hygiene” to save time, money, and frustration when it comes to marketing your startup.

Talent Hunt
Appbot cofounder Claire McGregor shares 80+ hires worth of experience, as she believes it is critical for startups to employ “interested, awe-inspiringly-good” people.

How to Hack Facebook Ads Down to $0.005 Per Click
Upwords’ Josh Sturgeon experimented with a Facebook-marketing growth hack using low-cost test audiences. The powerful results are a must-read, but proceed with discretion.

It’s called “Ship” not “S*it”.
Liberio cofounder Cat Noone reminds designers of their responsibility to solve the problems of their users – and focus on releasing quality products into the world.

Training a New Sales Team? 5 Ways to Set Them Up for Success
Nick Persico of CloserIQ shows why early-stage startups need inspired, involved sales teams to prevent high sales churn.

15 Mobile UX Facts And Insights 2015
MeasuringU’s Jeff Sauro presents a global mobile-ecommerce landscape that is both burgeoning and continually changing. Tablet facts are also included.

A simple system for effective team communication
TightOps founder Nico Appel uses a real-life example on the how and why of “clean and efficient” team communication. Read on to save time and reduce friction.


The Bank Of Facebook
Bateman Group’s Justin Mauldin explains the potential of Facebook to build upon the P2P payment system it launched in March.

Tech in Cuba, before the thaw
The Kernel’s Matt Stempeck provides an illuminating insight into Cuba’s tech scene from his 2015 Havana junket and finds that “everyone is a bit of a hacker.”

Inbox Zero vs. Inbox 5,000: A Unified Theory
The Atlantic’s Joe Pinsker uses scientific research to test his inbox theory, and reveals interesting insights into the psychology of emailers and the meaning of unread notifications.

Medicine’s transistor moment
Google Ventures’ Bill Maris expands on 8 emerging technologies that could revolutionize life sciences. Maris’ worthwhile reading lists for each of the trends are a highlight.

What does Medium want to be when it grows up? Like Twitter?
Fortune looks into the future of Medium after Ev Williams’ recent declaration that the platform is not a publishing tool.

I tried Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘brain-enhancing’ drugs
Kevin Roose at Fusion provides us with a great lowdown on the growth of nootropics, and also relays his own personal experiences of trying “brain drugs” for the first time.