Meetings that don’t suck

For most of us, and certainly for most of your team, meetings are the least productive part of our day. Yet too many brilliant people are stuck in too many meetings. Meeting cultures begat more meetings, and the downward cycle continues, crippling productivity and crushing psyches.

Former product manager for Google Calendar Ken Norton shares some great simple guidelines for improving meetings.

Venture Capitalist: The Two Most Important SaaS Startup Metrics

The best SaaS startups are faster than ever, but the flip side is that product market fit is harder than ever. So a great idea that used to be a dime a dozen, now I think they are like a penny a dozen.

A great interview with Jason Lemkin, managing director of Storm Ventures and author of the popular SaaS focused blog, covering enterprise SaaS startups, funding, the most important early SaaS startup metrics and more.

Airbnb, My $1 Billion Lesson

I discovered Airbnb on August 12, 2008 and six weeks later gave them a term sheet for their entire seed round. But in the (literal) final hour, it fell apart.

Brian Chesky recently wrote about his 7 Rejections — feedback from a small set of the many investors who turned him down. This is VC Paige Craig’s story as the one guy who didn’t.

The Importance Of Microcopy and Why it is Key to Your Website

Microcopy speaks to your clients more than you realise. It is the little, seemingly unimportant, text that can make some of the biggest impacts. Therefore, understanding why microcopy matters is essential to good web design and usability.

How good is your microcopy? Here’s a great introduction, with some great tips on improving “those small bits of text that you find on forms, buttons, error messages, sub-menus, hovers, links, etc.”

Don’t Try to Fake The Language

Today, there are hundreds of words that people throw around in the context of their startups.

For founders outside Silicon Valley, and even plenty within Silicon Valley, the language seems forced. Fake. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Words are used incorrectly. They are strung together in meaningless sentences. They are used to obscure reality or try to avoid the meat of a question.

A great rant from VC Brad Feld regarding startup founders using too many buzzwords, and more importantly the lack of understanding of what the words and metrics mean, and how they work.

2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report

Startup Compass have released their first Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report in 3 years. The index is produced by ranking ecosystems along five major components: Performance, Funding, Talent, Market Reach, and Startup Experience.

The top 10 ecosystems from the report are:

1. Silicon Valley, 2. New York, 3. Los Angeles, 4. Boston, 5. Tel Aviv, 6. London, 7. Chicago, 8. Seattle, 9. Berlin, 10. Singapore

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