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Exclusive Software Discounts

Access free and highly discounted software products we all have come to know, love and rely on. From $1,000 in waived processing fees with Stripe to $600 in savings with Intercom. Our ever growing list of exclusive discounts will save you thousands.


Free & Discounted Event Tickets

Access free and discounted tickets to the best startup and business events – globally. Our event partners include: Lean Startup Machine, Code on the beach, Hackers on the runway, BeLaunch, Digital Summit, ThingsCon and many more.


Free Co-Working Space Access

Newly launched in Q3 of 2014, you can now enjoy free day passes at some of the best co-working spaces around the globe. No matter where you travel to, you’ll always be guaranteed you’ll feel right at home with our co-working space partners and members.


Community Forums

Connect, learn and network with over 780 members from 68 countries in our private community forums. This is where you get questions answered by seasoned global entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.


Great Resources & Links

Discover and post the best startup and growth hacking links from around the web with our Hacker News like members forum. You’ll never be out of date with the latest tech, growth and business news again.


Members Marketplace

The Founders Grid members marketplace is where you can buy, find, exchange or sell products or services – from finding a co-founder, to buying premium domain names to assets to startups.


Mastermind Calls

Hold yourself accountable and learn heaps of new tips with our members only weekly mastermind call. This is a great opportunity to network, and learn what you need to do to take your startup to the next level.


Events & Meetups

The Founders Grid family comes together to host, relax, network and learn in some of the world’s most exotic locations. With members in 68 countries, there’s a good chance a member is near you.


Weekly Newsletter

Our members often refer to our newsletter as the best startup newsletter on the planet. Receive the best growth hacking links from around the web, our “product of the week” and a list of new member benefits.

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Questions & Answers

What is Founders Grid?

We focus on 3 primary aspects giving Founders Grid members and startups a better chance of succeeding:

Benefits – We have a dedicated team working with great software companies and tech/business events giving members unprecedented benefits and discounts on startup essentials that will save you thousands of dollars.

Support – In just 2 years the Founders Grid family has grown to over 800 entrepreneurs, mentors and investors located in 68 countries. No matter what questions you have, you are likely to find answers with our amazing tight knit community.

Education – Our weekly mastermind calls focus on the challenges all entrepreneurs will face during their startup journey. These are live, can be accessed anywhere and regularly feature guest experts.

Can I view the benefits?

Unfortunately not. As these discounts are exclusive to Founders Grid members only, our partners specifically request we do not publish the details of the benefits publicly.

If you are not impressed with the benefits (we are confident you will be!), feel free to email us and we’ll refund you straight away.

Why should I join Founders Grid?

Launching a startup is lonely, risky and very difficult. We ease (not solve!) these issues with our commitment to helping and serving our members with the right support, benefits and community of incredibly supportive and highly experienced entrepreneurs, creating an ecosystem that’s unavailable elsewhere.

Who is Founders Grid for?

From day one we set out to be a truly global network. Our members range from first time entrepreneurs to seasoned entrepreneurs. Male and female. Old and young. Bootstrapped and funded.

We have members working in finance, mobile, SaaS, hardware, e-commerce, enterprise, consumer, content and more.

How much does Founders Grid cost?

There is small minimal membership fee of $10 per month to become a Founders Grid member, which can be cancelled at anytime.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to use on Twitter or via our contact page.

Who is behind Founders Grid?

Founders Grid was founded by Chris Osborne, a seasoned entrepreneur who travels full time visiting and advising startups in Asia.

Become a member today to access our exclusive member benefits, 800+ global entrepreneurs & more


Join via Paypal

$10 per month. No surprises. You can cancel at anytime.